Permit Requirements


  1. Be at least 15 ½ years of age.
  2. Completed Driver Education and present the completion certificate DL 400C.
  3. Complete the DMV application form (DL44) signed by parents or guardians.
  4. Present an acceptable birth date or legal presence document.
    Birth date verification and legal presence requirements: If born in the US a Birth Certificate is required.
    (only the original or a certified copy is acceptable) If this isn’t the case then a legal presence document is required.
    DMVs list of acceptable documents.
    Additional new requirement 2016 – California Residency Requirement for New Driver License (DL) and Identification Card (ID) Applicants. DMVs list of documents acceptable as proof of California residency.
  5. Present proof of your social security number.
  6. Pay the DMV the required application fee.
  7. Pass an eye exam.
  8. Give your thumb print.
  9. Have your picture taken.
  10. Pass your written test.

Drivers Ed.