EliteTeenDriver.com Unit Test  
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1)   When hiring a behind-the-wheel driving school it is best to?
   Go the the driving school your friends use
   Do research and hire the true driving experts in your area
   Hire the cheapest driving school you can find
   Go to a comedy traffic school for your training
2)   A stop sign means that you ____________________________.
   Stop if there is no one crossing in front of you
   Stop if you wish
   Always stop fully behind the limit line, Crosswalk or at the corner
   None of the above
3)   Yield means _________
   That you have the right-of-way over others
   To let other drivers, pedestrians and bicycles have the right-of-way before you proceed
   That other vehicles should slow down when seeing your vehicle
   None of the above
4)   Parking and driving safely are two different functions.
5)   A vehicle is capable of causing extensive property damage, injury, and death. You should operate your vehicle with extreme caution, because it is like handling __________.
   Your dog
   A loaded gun
   A toy
   None of the above
6)   The main purpose of driver education is to help you learn the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for greater safety both as an operator of an automobile and as a pedestrian